this is our story

Hi I am Mary Kaiser- Cole,

Although I am a licensed Chiropractor, my journey took a turn when my little girl Lexi was diagnosed with cancer at 5 years old. I believe traditional medicine, NAET (a part of my practice) and the eastern methods I learned saved her. I am an open book and I believe
it is my purpose to uncover the pains behind the veil we are taught to see as our reality.
My practice gives a home to people who feel misunderstood. Healing to me, is the act
of combining all methods by taking a look at the emotional, spiritual, and physical
pains of a patient and finding the core of the issue. In my heart not everything is as
it seems. Please allow me to help you solve the pain you feel. I am an intuitive healer, approaching pain free living through Chiropractic and Inner Body Communication.
Because sometimes it not just physical!

Lets take this journey of discovery together.