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How is our Functional MEDICINE RESET Program Effective?

Sensitivities | Deficiencies | Toxicities:

INFLAMMATION is one of the biggest drivers of weight gain and disease in America. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol are ALL inflammatory based conditions. Current research shows that MOST health challenges are FOOD RELATED!

Eating the wrong foods over an extended period of time can spike INFLAMMATION in the body. This is why it's important to do functional food testing along with testing nutrient status!

Functional food testing is a key component of our Functional Medicine Programs. We OBJECTIVELY test roughly 100 foods and remove the foods harmful to you. We also test NUTRIENT status! We test 34 vitamins/nutrients to determine if there are any deficiencies/shortages. We'll put you on a CUSTOMIZED protocol based on what YOUR BODY NEEDS. 

We use gold standard testing! It is NOT guesswork. You are a unique individual with needs different from others. Your program will be tailored to YOUR needs based on objective lab work. The results will let you know what to remove that's harmful to your body and what to add that your body needs.

Our Functional Medicine Reset Program is a Modern Approach to Functional Medicine that is patient- and lifestyle-focused, rather than disease-focused. Mary Kaiser-Cole D.C. addresses the underlying causes of disease and addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. 

Together we peel back the layers, expose patterns beneath the surface and make it safe to evolve, grow and heal.

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