Functional Medicine 
& Nutrition

We take most insurance! If you don't have chiropractic benefits, no worries! Review the plans and prices below and see which works best for you!


Functional Medicine & Nutritional Program:

Initial Consultation: (30-45 min ) - $115 - $150 

Consultation to review history, symptoms and to determine which labs to run, etc. Questionnaires will be given to get a broader perspective of the case. The consult is usually for more extensive cases.

Report of Findings Visit: (45-60 min) - $150 - $175 

Consultation to review questionnaires & lab findings including recommendations. Some patients may start at this phase of the Functional & Nutrition Program if the history is not extensive, and the patient knows what labs they are interested in. 

Program Review Consult: (15-30 min) - $60 - $115 

This is a consultation that is usually about a month after the Report of Findings Visit. This is to see how the patient is doing with the recommendations given from that visit.

Additional Follow-Up Consult: (15 min) - $60

This is typically recommended about 2-3 months after the Report of Findings Visit to see how the patient is responding and to see if any changes in the program recommendations are needed.

There are NO REFUNDS with these plans. You can share visits with immediate family members as long as they fill out the necessary paperwork for the office.