Chiropractic Services

• It’s considered the most popular, fastest growing healthcare system in the world
• Promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle
• Offers you a real alternative to drugs and surgery
• Optimizes your natural healing ability

Who goes to a chiropractor?
Millions of people
• Children, pregnant women, infants, blue collar workers, athletes, office workers, animals, students, families, the elderly, You
• People that have health problems and want to enhance their natural healing ability
• People that want higher resistance to disease, better sports performance, more energy, improved immune system, emotional well being, greater relaxation and improved quality of life.

What Chiropractors Do:
• Analyze your body for subluxations (nerve stress) - distortions that affect your brain, spinal cord, internal organs and overall health
• Give you an adjustment
What subluxations do:
• Cause dis-ease and pain and accelerate aging• Affect internal organs, glands, muscles, joints and discs
• Stress your brain and meninges (brain and spinal cord coverings)
• Decrease height, drain energy and lower resistance to disease
What adjustments do:
• Remove or reduce subluxations (nerve stress)
• Improve the connection between your inner healing ability, nervous system and body
• Enhance energy, resistance to disease and physical and emotional well-being