What is a vitamin and why do we need them?


What is a vitamin? Everyone says you need vitamins everyday, but why? Vitamins are nothing more than the phytochemicals that are found in your food everyday. So why do we need to take a vitamin supplement? For one reaon, none of us eat the way we should everyday - Who has their 5 servings of fruits just for breakfast? Any vegetables? Who had at least two servings of vegetables just for breakfast? This is why you need to take at least a good multi-vitamin. The phytochemical in dark green leafy and the colors that we are supposed to eat everyday, we don’t eat. And if you do, they may have been shipped here from Panama, Costa Rica, Phillapeans, they might have been grown in soils that have been depleted from minerals. If you don’t have the minerals in the soil, the plants aren’t healthy enough to produce the phytochemicals that feed your body. Even people that are “whole-foodists.” If I just eat right, I have all the nutrients that I needed. This may work in your 20’s. Once you hit your late 20’s, you’ll start feeling low energy, thinning of the hair etc… This is lack of nutrition. We need these vitamins in our food and they are just not there anymore. When a phytochemical has been proven to be essential for life, it gets vitamins status. Bioflavonoids now have been proven to be essential for life, they are now considered a vitamin. They are now called Vitamin P. Essential: meaning you can’t live without them. But science has distorted a lot of the vitamins that we get from food. They believe that if I can synthetically extract something, that if something is deficient in one particular vitamin then I can Just give them that vitamin. It doesn’t work that way. And they’re not the same. Look at some of the chemical distortions and many of you will recognize these words. Folate for example that’s found in your dark, green leafy vegetables people are calling it folic acid nowadays. Folic acid is the synthetic extract. One thing, it’s acidic, that’s why they call in an acid. It’s not natural and yet it’s in every multi vitamin out there. Folate is what your body needs. Thiamine is that vitamin B1, that comes from wheatgerm in your grains, not thiamine monohydrate. Riboflavin again a very important phytochemical found in our foods. It’s vitamin B2. The chemical distortion is Riboflavin-5 phosphate. Does that sound like a lab project or what? Everyone know ascorbic acid, right?! That’s vitamin C. No, it’s not! Calcium ascorbate is a derivative of vitamin C. They take sulfuric acid and burn off all of the calcium and you’re left with ascorbate salt, which we call ascorbic acid. It’s a completely man made process. Bioflavonoids are where the ascorbates come from. That’s true vitamin C, not ascorbic acid! In fact, there are studies that show if you take ascorbic acid, you know those 1000 mg wafers. They have proven that taking that much Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) a day causes osteoporosis over a long period of time. Because it wants to bond with the calcium. It steals it from your bones. You need the natural forms of these vitamins! There is a difference! There’s a difference between Thiamine and Thiamine HCL! Your body recognizes one as a food and doesn’t recognize the other. Core Complete is a whole food multy. There’s no such thing a Thiamin HCL tree! The ingredients in Core Complete you can actually say. They’re not a chem lab projects. They’re foods! It has superfoods (alfalfa, kale……) You’re actually going to be able to read the label. How many people have looked at a multi label and had no idea what you were reading and said, “I guess I’ll take this because my doctor told me to.” This package you will know and will recognize. Plant trace minerals. You know your body needs over 72 trace minerals a day just to function. Most of you will say, well, I’m here, I’m functioning and I didn’t get my trace minerals today. No, you’re not functioning. There is a huge difference when your body is functioning optimally. You are alert, you’re alive, your body is creating all of the hormones its needs, all of necessary metabolic enzymes to perform all of the functions in your body are when they are active, because of these trace minerals, you feel a difference. A lot of people tell me that when they take a multivitamin that they don’t feel a difference. You know it’s one of those products that traditionally you take thinking that if I die at 60 I guess it didn’t work but if I die at 90, I guess it worked, right?! That’s the only way that you know if your multi is working or not. Core Complete is not that product! When you’re hungry and you haven’t eaten a meal, you don’t feel very good, do you? As soon as you eat a meal, you feel better. Core Complete is like that! When your body is not functioning properly, you may not really know it. There might be something that is missing. When you take Core Complete you feel the difference with this product. It’s mostly because of the plant based traced minerals we have in there. We’ve got over 56 different trace minerals in this product. Omega fatty acids. This is the number 2 best selling category in the dietary supplement industry. Your omegas. A lot of people are on them. You can get great big bottles at Costco Sam’s club, GNC and places like that etc… And what they look like, they are gold, and pretty and shiny. That’s a CO2 extraction process of Omega 3. It is not whole food. It is not natural. Nowhere in the world can you find Omega 3 all by itself. Is there such a thing as an omega 3 tree or an omega 3 fish? No! It’s because omega fatty acids are just that! They are omega fatty acids. There are a lot of them. There’s Omega 3, there’s omega 5, omega 6, omega 7, omega 9. We can go all the way up to omega 13! And just like an orange, when you eat an orange you’re not just eating vitamin C. There’s a lot of other things in that orange. Well, in fish oils, it’s the same way. In a salmon, when salmon spawn, they turn this beautiful, bright red color. That red color is found naturally in only a couple other places on earth. You find it in red algae and you find it in krill as well. That red is called astithanthom. And it’s a very powerful antioxidant that keeps the oil from going rancid. But it also works as an antioxidant in your body too. Our Omega fatty acid comes direct from Norway from a company that actually harvests the salmon while in their own fiorg, they own this 5000 acre fiord, next to a river, and the salmon come spawning up this river every year. Right after they’ve spawned, this company harvests the salmon and it goes from swimming salmon to a capsulized version of the oil in 24 hours. It is 100% cold pressed. 100% natural fish oil containing omega 3, 5, 6 , 7 and 9 and astithansom. Nowhere else can you find this guys. It’s an amazing product and it’s in our Core Complete. Probiotics: We have three strains of probiotics. There are literally dozens and dozens of strains in your intestinal tract but there are three strains in general that area affected by the myriad of antibiotics that we put in our foods and that we take in our prescription drugs. These are the 3 that you need to supplement with on a fairly regular basis. I understand that there are many people that have never take a probiotic before and you’re missing out. If you take Core Complete, you won’t be missing out anymore. This is something that we need. There are clinical studies, by the way, on boosting immune system, allergy prevention, with ADHD and ADD in children, there are studies linking a lack of probiotics to those symptoms. It’s in the Core Complete. Enzymes: Are a rapidly growing category in the dietary supplement industry. It’s simply because we need them. After about age 28, your bodies metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes supply starts to deplete. And it depletes rapidly. Who in their 20’s, you could eat anything you wanted to, as much as you wanted to and you never gained weight? It’s because you had tons of digestive enzymes. Your body could process anything and everything you ate. But as that enzyme supply starts to decrease, now your’e a 45 year old and man, you really have to watch what you eat. If you eat that second piece of cheesecake, you feel it the next day. You may start getting heartburn. Or you may get bloated, gas. These are all symptoms of low enzyme supply. And people are feeling that nowadays and the enzyme market is booming! Core Complete has a complete spread of digestive enzymes in it. A good enzyme product by itself is a $40 product. And we have a good supply of enzymes in this product. Protease for digesting protein, Lipase for digesting fats. We have lactase for those who are lactose intolerant. It’ll help you process dairy and the dairy sugars. Sucrase. You want to sneak in a candy bar once in awhile that’s full of sucrose? There’s sucrase in here to help you process it. Enzymes are amazing and are a whole separate discussion in and of themselves. Core Complete: Vitamins, minerals, superfoods, phytonutrients, probiotics, enzymes, omega fatty acids….it’s in there. If you went out and bought a multi vitamin by itself, you could buy a cheap multi and pay $20 and it would be synthetic, not a whole food. You can get a whole food multi out there. They’re out there. There’s a couple of good quality multi whole food products that would cost $80. A good one would be between $60-$80 for a whole food multi. Combine that with superfood. If you went out and bought those super berry blends, they’re $20 products. Phytonutrients, depending on the phytonutrients like CoQ10, that’s like a $20-$30 product all by itself. Trace mineral drinks are $15-$20. Probiotics $25. Essential fatty acids cheap ones, omega 3 only cost about $15 at Costco or someplace. But when you add all the other essential fats as well as the astithansome, you’re at a $40-$50 product. Enzymes all by itself is $40 dollars. You add all of that up, those items by themselves, that’s over $300. We have an amazing product with Core Complete at a price nobody can beat. Contact Back In Balance Health Center if you would like to know more about getting started with this foundational product.