Back In Balance Health Center is the office and wellness location of Dr. Mary Kaiser-Cole. Dr. Mary holds degrees in Kinesiology and Biology from California State University Los Angeles. She went through the schools Sports Medicine program earning two degrees, in Kinesiology and Biology. and graduated cum laude from Southern California University of Health Science, formerly Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Dedicated to an East/West approach to therapy and overall wellness, Dr. Mary believes in a healthy marriage between modern medical practices as well as those offered outside traditional hospital settings in order to achieve true balance and wellness through healing and preventative care.

Whether you’re seeking relief from acute sports injuries, have a child with chronic allergies, or suffer from migraines, back pain or food intolerances, Back In Balance Health Center is the Answer

At Back In Balance Health Center, we offer quality care that is alternative to standard modern medicine, yet works with modern practices in the very principles of healing. While prescription allergy medicine may aid in warding off the pesky symptoms of pollen sensitivity, the Eastern approach of NAET treatment, provided here by Dr. Mary, seeks to remedy the root cause of the ailment through kinesiology and radio frequency. As a former collegiate tennis player, Dr. Mary has made her life’s work to transfer experience with bone and muscular injuries into caring for and healing those of us who lead active, athletic lifestyles. At home, Dr. Mary learned firsthand the devastation of cancer diagnosis to her young daughter and, through helping to sustain the wellness of her daughter, has applied a caring and passion to her work with youth and adult patients who have found relief in the personalized attention and solid experience offered here at Back In Balance Health Center.

In the 24 years of Dr. Mary’s practice, she has cultivated a vast and loyal patient following spanning the Westside of Los Angeles to the Grapevine as “the go-to wellness guru.” Our office is located in the Montrose Village.

Specializing in acute sports medicine & general chiropractic needs, she also regularly sees young children as well as the elderly to help with their physical complaints and/or their allergies & intolerances. Back In Balance Health Center is a welcoming environment that seeks to assist you in your search for total wellness.

We look forward to getting you Back In Balance.